Did you Submit your Innovation to the STI Forum 2019?

By participating in the STI Forum 2019 your profile was automatically added to Global Innovation Exchange

Global Innovation Exchange is a global development technology platform for innovations, funding and insights. GIE’s mission is to help scale the most promising innovations by utilizing its ever-growing database of information to serve as a reliable fundraising resource for social entrepreneurs in low- and- middle-income countries, as well as a source of credible innovation data for the international development community including funders, scaling partners and other ecosystem players

Your STI Forum 2019 application can be used for all GIE initiatives that can help you find the next funder or partner. 

Innovation Finder

GIE is working with funders and other scaling partners to provide them a short list of innovations to consider from our database. An up-to-date innovation profile will help surface you up for consideration by our team.

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Funding Alerts

GIE will be sending alerts for new and expiring funding on the platform that are relevant to your based on your innovation profile details like sector, country, stage and more. Hopefully this will make finding the right funding opportunities on GIE even easier.

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Featured in GIE marketing

GIE hand-picks the best innovation profiles on GIE to be included on our site, in media, and social media.

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STI Forum 2020 Call for Innovations

The STI Forum 2020 Call for Innovations is initiated by the United Nations in collaboration with Global Innovation Exchange. The call will be open and accepting applications until Tuesday, March 9, 2020.