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Zelij Invent

Zelij Invent is a greentech solution that transform plastic waste into sustainable construction materials.


Saif eddine Laalej

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

To date we have been able to develop a ready to market prototype, to sign 4 partnership with organisations in different fields from raw material suppliers to distribution. And we are working with two costumers right now.
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Focus Areas:

Housing and Infrastructure, Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Housing and Infrastructure, Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience and EnvironmentSEE LESS

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Nowadays, plastic wastes have become a major global issue, and one that must be addressed in order to solve the world’s resource and energy challenges. Millions of plastic items are improperly disposed of, on a daily basis, creating piles of plastic waste everywhere. This has brought serious damages to local environments around the world in terms of water, air and soil pollution. It blocks drains, pollutes rivers and wreaks havoc on the environment.



Zelij is a green tech solution that transforms plastic waste into sustainable, eco-friendly paving blocks and traditional floor tiles. Our innovative formula uses 80% plastic waste and 20% eco-friendly materials to produce 100 percent sustainable and more affordable construction materials that are three times more durable than cement and 50% cheaper to produce.

Target Beneficiaries

Zelij Invent aims to eliminate more than 3000 tons of plastic waste every year, while reducing resources used in manufacture and energy use for customers. Zelij aims to partner with gouvernment to develop its Walk Green program – creating jobs for local unemployed people building paths between isolated villages and national roads in Africa. In Morocco and worldwide this isolation issue causes lack of education and don't give access to transport, water, electricity and more for the population.

Mission and Vision

At Zelij Invet we ae on a mission to save the planet from plastic waste by providing a sustainable solution. Our vision is to track the plastic waste issue worlwide and recycle 1 Million ton of plastic by 2020. Zelij, means “little polished stone” in Arabic, embodies the essence of an Islamic art. One of our core values is to partner with local artisans to preserve the age-old heritage of Moroccan architecture, and to foster responsible business that drives social and environmental progress.

Innovation Description

Zelij is a green tech solution that transforms plastic waste into sustainable, eco-friendly paving blocks and traditional floor tiles. Founded in 2017, Zelij is developing innovative construction materials using 80 percent plastic waste and 20 percent eco-friendly materials to produce 100 percent sustainable products. Zelij's innovative production method not only replaces cement with plastic waste, it also circumvents the energy-intensive process of recycling plastic. Our first product is PAVECO eco-friendly paving stones and floor tiles made from our formula. They can be used in all the same ways as regular products in gardens, sidewalks, parking and more. The material can be molded in different product and design like furniture, bricks... also it comes with different colors.

Competitive Advantage

The material can be used in all the same ways as regular products but: • use 20% less energy and water in production, • are 50% cheaper to produce • offer better insulation and are more durable than most alternatives. • are 3 times harder than cement • are 100% recyclebale • are produced with a responsible consumption and production approach

Planned Goals and Milestones

Now we are implementing our industrial production plant in Morocco and we are in negociation to implemnt the solution in Egypt, Algeria, Turkey and Canada
Funding Goal300,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted280,000
New Implemented CountriesCanada, Algeria, Japan, France, Egypt, Turkey
Recruit2 Designers, 25 Worker

The Team Behind the Innovation

Saif: 21 yo CEO and co-founder, program manager. With masters in international trade and marketing, named among 50 Best Young Inventors worldwide by Ericsson and 10 Best Inventors in Morocco by Intel. Houda: 20 yo co-founder. Masters in auditing and management control, 4 year experience with startup Younes: Sales Manger, with 13 year experience in construction sector Samah: environemental engineer, with PhD in cleantech Business advisor Ayham Mkalalati And 3 other team member in different field



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Housing and Infrastructure
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