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Women Originated Media Entrepreurship Network (WOMEN)


Stanislaw Alwasiak

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

The on going - US Departament of State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund - e-Bridge Build Resources in Democracy, Guideline and in Entrepreneurship Project undertaken in 2015 and 2016 by Civic Organisation from Poland Embassy of Women Entrepreneurshiphttp://www.ambas.pl/en/contact/ led to creation of the network of entrepreneurial women (graduate students, doctoral students and women entrepreneurs) in Ukraine. E-Bridge provided inspiration, experiences and organisational base for development of the outline of WOMEN project. It linked in academic partners, Local and Regional government, and women owned businesses and Regional Media in various parts of Ukraine and Poland. Results of the project and further developments of the project are planned to be discussed and presented in Krakow, Poland on 13th of May as well as on the Regional Economic Development Conference in Ternopil (19th - 20th of May) and presented on the gathering of Ukrainian Regional Televisions (2nd-3rd of June) in Odessa. It became base for expression of interest of several companies in Poland and Ukraine to support and contribute to the growth of the initiative with their own resources, volunteer work and material assistance including declaration of internships in Polish and Ukrainian women owned and/or led companies.
- 54 Female Ukrainian participants (Graduate and Doctoral Students, Women Entrepreneurs) - 20 Companies engaged in cooperation - City of Ternopil comitted to cooperation - 1 Regional and 5 Local Governments in the Tarnopil oblast interested, - 3 Higher Education institutions in Ukraine interested.
So far - Among 54 Ukrainian participants (Graduate and Doctoral Students, women entrepreneurs) participants - 100% interested in the further cooperation, 95% satisfied or very satisfied with the project outcomes. - business arrangements between Polish and Ukrainian women owned and women led companies set up - 1 ongoing competition for the most innovative concept of Polish Ukrainian women entrepreneurship project idea for Ukrainian participants. - Over 10 offers of further internships and scholarships on Polish side declared - From 25 companies and organisations in Poland invited to play role model for Ukraine - 20 sustains support for the idea of further coopeation and it's eventual increase for the new fields. - Regional TV from Ternopil - gave 90 minutes of their prime time to present US Deaprament of State AEIF sponsored project and encouraged further cooperation - 8 other Regional TV from all over the country interested to explore how to scale up the project. - Several innovative ideas developed by women - participants of the e-Bridge created
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Innovation Description

WOMEN project aims to develop women entrepreneurship in Ukraine inspired on AEIF funded project e-Bridge. Project activities includes: Interactive featured audio video ICT learning mechanism Peer to peer exchanges of women owned companies In partnership with Regional TV stations it turns mass scale “edutainment”, through learning process taking registered female participants up to proficiency level and leads to actual real business development cooperation based on robust market principle.
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There are encouraging results of the ongoing cooperation and already made contacts reaching out to Polish and Ukrainian women owned and women led businesses. There are 54 visitors on the study tour to Poland which turned into cooperation arrangement between Polish and Ukrainian companies and interest and cooperation offer from 3 Higher Education Institutions and Local and Regional Governements in Ternopil Region. Creation of the network of entrepreneurial women (graduate students, doctoral students and women entrepreneurs) in Ukraine may be enhanced and scale up by interactive media development and Regional TV broadcasting. It may unlock entrepreneurship potential and enhance their digital literacy. The proposed method is based on the development of individual and group learning arrangement based on the evidence inspired by successful cases of women owned and women led companies in Ukraine and Poland. The women who start these ventures also serve as role models for participating potential female entrepreneurs. Several examples of high-potential female entrepreneurs volunteered in the e-Bridge can give an idea of the range of these activities which includes ICT, Aeronautics, advanced pharmacy, diagnostic and health services and products, educational tools, design and creative industries, innovation in teaching languages and STEM competencies, commercialization of science including creative tourism as a vehicle for other services. Personal contacts and peer to peer exchanges of women entrepreneurs and gained trust helps to overcome the deficit of social capital and lack of knowledge, skills and attitudes which hinders business development both in Ukraine and in Poland which is a shared legacy of difficult past.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We plan to scale up the e-Bridge WOMEN project using combined tools including - Interactive featured audio video - ICT learning mechanism linking audio video with entertaining and educational content - Peer to peer exchanges of women owned and women led companies In partnership with Regional TV stations in Ukraine we plan to a) Test of innovative format of audio video production integrated with ICT tools informing and encouraging Ukrainian entrepreneurial minded women to set up and develop their business. Focus on inclusion and empowerment of marginalized groups including IDP’s, demobilized, disabled women b) support in gaining additional skills and knowledge trough additional training for registered female participants which will lead them up to proficiency level c) support and encourage business development cooperation based on robust market principle based on peer to peer exchanges and cooperation enhanced by advanced ICT tools.
We plan to develop e-Bridge WOMEN project in the next 9 months trough: a) crowdsourcing aimed to gather creative ideas supporting women owned and/or led business in Ukraine b) Corporate Social Responsibility of Polish, Ukrainian and international women owned and women led companies - gathering their commitments and declaration of support c) fund raising including US DIV, development cooperation including Polish, US and other bilateral and multilateral development cooperation assistance efforts d) engaging Polish, Ukrainian and US women owned and women led companies as provider of know how and support as a part of their CSR activities - gathering their declarations and support e) getting Polish, Ukrainian and US Regional TV, Higher Education and Research Institutions as mentors and providers of educational content including Digital literacy and STEM competencies applied to business development.
Funding Goal150,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted80


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