Updated Jun 05, 2018

Non-Electric, Sustainable, Effortless to Maintainand Low Cost - Community & Household Drinking Water Systems.

We have invented a speciality polymer using which we manufacture Hollow Fibre Membranes that despite having 20nano porosity size work under Gravity and have approx 3 times high flux than other membranes in market.
50K+ such Systems are in use.


Sunil Dhole

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Stage 5: Scaling

We have a 6 acre Industrial Campus where we are manufacturing these specialty membranes for Households & Community level Drinking water purification system. 400 Community & 50,000 household systems have been sold and installed across India.

Registered as a For-ProfitIn India.

Focus Areas:

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture Water Management and Water Supply/Quality

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture Water Management and Water Supply/QualitySEE LESS

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Availability of Drinking Water is a challenge & so is availability of electricity. Majority of technologies available in market for the masses or BOP are expensive to buy & maintain, they need electricity, waste water & also are not sustainable. Users depend on Technical person to maintain it.Our effortless to maintain systems are non-electric, can purify 2000 Liters/hr without any reject water ensuring removal of water borne disease causes like virus, iron, bacteria e-coli etc



Our system based on specialty polymer invented by us removes Virus, Bacteria, Turbidity, Pathogens & Iron without any chemical treatment. Our systems do not need any energy source or electricity to purify water. It has long life & can be maintained by any layman. Also no wastage of water during purification. System doesn't remove minerals from source water & can be used for small household to entire village. Cost per litre is 4 paisa to 10 paisa (.0015 USD) depending on the size

Target Beneficiaries

We wish to serve everyone in need of a Easy to Maintain yet Effective & Affordable Technology for making drinking water available. Our system has value add in tribal villages, rural and urban areas too.
We wish to serve the bottom of pyramid & also value add by saving on reject water of the current technologies in use in most urban homes or places.
Earth has so many places where electricity is not available or is not consistent, our technology can value add there.

Mission and Vision

Our Technology ensures water is saved without compromising on quality of drinking water despite being affordable & sustainable. The mission is to have a direct impact on people’s urban and rural lifestyle, something that is affordable, accessible and that made sense to everyone.
We can create Livelihood using our technology or system.

Innovation Description

Source water is connected in line with our system where pre filters & our specialty membrane removes Virus, Bacteria, Iron E-Coli, Pathogens etc just by gravity. Despite membranes having nano porosity they do not need high pressure or electricity to function.

Competitive Advantage

Existing filtration systems need electricity or in other words high pressure to remove Virus or Iron from source water.
They are high Capex and need regular high maintenance to sustain.
User is dependent on a technician to keep it functional.
System remove essential Minerals from source water.
A lot of water is wasted during the purification process.
Our systems ensures no water is wasted, no need of electricity, no need of a technician to maintain & are a low cost yet sustainable.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Removal of Fluoride and Arsenic using same principles.


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