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No Food Waste

No Food Waste - A youth and technology driven surplus food recovery network that collects surplus food from weddings, restaurants,food industries in India and feeds the people in India there by combating both Hunger and Food Waste together.


Padmanaban Anantha gopalan

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We have now piloted the recovery network in One state of India(Tamilnadu) in 12 cities and also the mobile application technology is used by around 15000 people. Now we are looking to add few additional features and scale it to major states of India

Focus Areas:

Humanitarian Assistance, Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Humanitarian Assistance, Waste Management, Climate Change and Resilience, Post Harvest, Nutrition, Social Services and Youth Engagement and ContributionSEE LESS

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India is the second largest food producer covering 10.04% of the total World’s food production. But, at the same time India ranked 103 among 118 developing countries in the Global Hunger Index ranking 2018. Data from the report showed that India is home to 190.7 million of people affected by hunger and malnourishment which is 14.5% of India’s total population. Roughly one third of the food produced in the India for human consumption every year approximately 21 million tones gets lost or wasted.



Throwing away the edible food benefits no one. Not only could the food have gone to someone in need, but the resource cost spent towards production of that food wasted/lost is tremendous. No Food Waste bridges this gap with its on-demand food sharing tool functioning at hyper local levels in cities. The Mobile application creates a geotagged hunger map for each city through crowdsourcing. People/food industries with surplus food can use the app to feed the people in need at their near vicinity

Target Beneficiaries

Urban Poor living in Slums and Streets affected by Hunger Other beneficiaries Include Homeless People, Dump yards- Rag Pickers, Government hospitals, Orphanages, Old Age homes and shelter

Mission and Vision

Vision - To bring a social change in every individual in-order to reduce food waste and to make the World Hunger Free. Mission - To feed the needy and hungry with untouched edible surplus food. - To sensitize people about the amount of food being wasted through standardized food waste auditing methods. - To raise awareness about food loss and food waste amongst citizens and bring about behavioral change in them to prevent food waste at home, school or at workplace through guidance.

Innovation Description

In Indian weddings/events more consumable food gets wasted and sent to landfill, No Food Waste has established a technology and volunteer based food recovery network that collects the surplus food from weddings, events, hotels, retails food industries etc and delivers it to the urban hunger spots like Slums, Homeless People, Dump yards, Government hospitals, Orphanages, Old Age homes and shelters. Every day on an average about 1200 people are getting meals through No Food Waste in different urban cities of India. No Food Waste is operating in 12 cities of India and looking to expand. No Food Waste also works in partnership with Local Governments, Municipalities, State and National Governments for the cause. The model involves a dedicated Helpline Number – 9087790877, Food Recovery Vehicles with Vessels and Volunteer groups for each city, A Food Collection and storage space sponsored by the Government, Mobile application, Web and Social Media awareness.

Competitive Advantage

The key part of No Food waste is using technology as a tool to engage more citizens and local social capital for the initiative. No Food Waste uses Hunger Mapping tool and geo-tags the hunger spots in the application and calls for the community to come forward and combat hunger with unity. The Application is used by about 12000 volunteers across the country and Hunger Map has been developed for 15 cities where we operate. As food waste is becoming a global concern, we are working in alignment with the United Nations (U.N) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of zero hunger (SDG 2) and Responsible Consumption- Production (SDG 12).

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have created Geo tagged hunger maps for One state - 12 cities of Tamilnadu. We wanted to expand the scope to major metropolitan cities of India where there is more food waste and also urban hunger.
Funding Goal300,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted10,000,000
New Implemented CountriesBangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan
Recruit12 Core team members for Hunger Mapping
New FeatureCreate open source hunger mapping tool for all food banks in the world. Introduce uberised way of sharing food to the needy. Reduce Food Waste, Work towards Climate Change mitigation and at the same time reduce hunger


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 Commonwealth Youth Award
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