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Leverage Technology to Connect Women & Improve Health (SDG 3), Promote Gender Equality (SDG 5), Provide dignified work (SDG 8), Reduce inequalities (SDG 10) and Coordinate sustainable partnerships for the SDG goals (SDG 17)


Asher Hasan

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Stage 5: Scaling

In 2019, doctHERs is scaling its model in collaboration with Unilever, UKDFID & the Punjab government to impact 1.5 million women in 3120 villages across 36 districts of Punjab (population: 110 million)

Registered as a For-ProfitIn Pakistan.

Focus Areas:

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The exclusion of women in the workforce in both developing countries and mature markets has resulted in not only a massive loss of human potential but also loss of human life - especially in countries (including the US) where millions of people continue to lack access to quality, affordable healthcare. In Pakistan, the good news is that 60% of medical school graduates are women. The bad news is that 3 out every 4 of these graduates are not participating in the workforce.



We believe that the re-integration of women into the workforce (output) by leveraging technology (an input) will yield increased economic empowerment for women (outcome) which will ultimately lead to increased returns for both society and participating corporate/business partners (Impact).

Innovation Description

doctHERs reintegrates female healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the workforce by using a digital health platform that connects remotely-located female doctors (who work from home) to health consumers in need via trusted intermediaries such as tablet-equipped nurse/midwife-assisted video-consultation (telemedicine). Lower-middle income frontline health workers (community health promoters, nurses and midwives) are recruited, trained and equipped with technology - hardware, software and wifi/broadband connectivity. They are then deployed in corporate offices, factories, retail clinics and ambulances where they are able to connect health consumers (especially female workers who otherwise have highly restricted access to women's health) to remotely located female doctors. These trusted intermediaries are trained to conduct sophisticated diagnostic and interventional procedures under the supervision and guidance of a remotely located (home-based) female doctor.

Competitive Advantage

doctHERs is unique in that it uses a digital health platform to match the underutilized capacity of female doctors (who would otherwise be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet needs of health consumers in emerging markets. We recruit, capacitate, and equip frontline health-workers (nurses, etc) with laptops, tablets and smartphones. These trusted intermediaries are pivotal to our model as they help to engender trust with health consumers in a culture which prefers interpersonal human interaction (as opposed to virtual). By leveraging technology, we are able to expand access to quality healthcare to remote rural populations alike.

Planned Goals and Milestones

By 2030, doctHERs will impact over 200 million lives across 5 continents in partnership with iconic, multinational corporations while reintegrating 50,000 women into the workforce - enabling them to achieve their full socioeconomic potential.
Funding Goal2,500,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,500,000
New FeatureSMART AI-enabled telemedicine clinics


Oct 2019
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