Updated Jan 15, 2019

FoPo Food Powder

FoPo aims to re-engineer the future of food by turning $1 trillion worth of food waste into a huge opportunity. Developing a simple and elegant way of bridging the gap between food waste and food security, while promoting healthy diets.


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Stage 5: Scaling

FoPo has established 3 supply chains (Israel, Philippines, Kenya) using different food drying methods (freeze-drying, spray-drying and solar-drying) and sourcing various kinds of fruits and vegetables in those locations.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Waste Management and Supply Chains

Agriculture, Waste Management and Supply ChainsSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Philippines and Kenya

Philippines and KenyaSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In


86% of EU population does not consume enough fruit&veg, despite their role in lowering the risk of CVD, diabetes, and cancer. It also helps with weight loss, an important benefit as 52% of the EU is overweight. 1.7 million deaths could be prevented by a higher intake of fruits, which could be achieved through concentrated forms of fruits and vegetables that are easy to use. Farmers in developing countries are suffering the most from food waste; rejected produce means losing income.



FoPo solve the massive food waste problem through FoPo Food Powder. Fruits are collected before they expire (from farms and exporters where huge amounts are discarded), dried, and turned into powder to extend their shelf life from 2 weeks to 2 years, while saving nutrition by up to 90 %. The product is then sold to end consumers, or applied to industrial production for e.g. flavoring, baking, and smoothies, with the relevant industries having a combined value of $125 billion.

Target Beneficiaries

Primary market customers are followers of keto and vegan diets, who are used to go out of their way to find products fitting their lifestyle. They tend to buy online as well as in offline retail and stock-up on products they like in advance. They are very much used to using powder supplements and mixes as well as “obscure” food products due to the restrictions their diets impose. This will also substantially support actors in agriculture (e.g. farmers) and promote jobs (e.g. manufacturing).

Mission and Vision

FoPo saves almost wasted fruits & veggies by turning them into delicious powder, with shelf-life of up to 2 years, and nutrition saved by up to 90%. It seeks to reengineer the future of food by leveraging on the inefficiencies of the food system, paving the way for a more circular economy.Exposing the reality of food waste and to promoting a vision of a zero waste society.

Innovation Description

Developed by FoPo GmbH.

In order to maximise the production efficiency, cost and quality control, current focus in set on production with contract freeze-drying manufacturer in Israel, which also specialises in drying of products which showed the greatest consumer interest – olive and avocado powder. However, simultaneously sourcing and manufacturing opportunity has arisen in Kenya, having established strong collaboration partners and making visits at farms and exporters sites (contacts with more than 500 small and middle holder farmers). In order to adapt to local conditions (poorly developed infrastructure) but also using natural resources (solar energy) team has come up with the idea of mobile, freeze-drying units, sourced partially from solar energy, placed in top fruit production locations in Kenya (central and coastal parts). Team has also applied for grants enabling the pilot production near Nairobi, reducing dependency on contract-drying manufacturers, decrease the environmental impact and create positive economical effect on local communities, establishing new work places. The pilot in Kenya has been ongoing for 1.5 years in cooperation with GIZ and AHK, who have provided data, local contacts and support.

Up to today, FoPo has processed over 7 tons of almost wasted fruits and vegetables, which equals to 14200 g of CO2 prevented and 854 L of H2O saved, with committed orders worth over 5 tons of waste fruit (8000 kg CO2 & over 600 L H2O).

Competitive Advantage

Since FoPo focuses on supply chain innovation in sourcing, but using (at the moment) standard drying technologies, FoPo business model itself cannot be protected under current IP law. The advantage is in experience in the food industry and partnerships with committed sourcing and production partners. The best way to protect the supply chain is to scale-up quickly in order to achieve scales sufficient to have exclusive contracts with suppliers and toll manufacturers and to set up own manufacturing facility, further reducing price. FoPo is currently working on a preliminary draft of a mobile freeze-drying unit, which is a set up that would be possible to patent.

Alongside targeted social media ads, FoPo is also partnering with influencers active in the target markets. FoPo is already selling in 2 Edeka stores in Germany and were just approved for potential nation-wide listing among 1500 most innovative stores on Edeka Food Starter platform.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We expect to create our own production line in the Philippines for avocados, producing 1 ton/day of powder, by Dec 2019. In the next 12 months, these are several of the targets: Sales- signing up 3 large and 9 small clients with average yearly turnover per large client 40 000 EUR and 7 000 EUR per small client; Operations -maintain cost for olive powder production, reduce cost of avocado powder production, eliminate all delay, prepare 1–2 additional supply chains to sustain 2019 production
Funding Goal2,200,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted10
New Feature In the Philippines, an initiative aims to work with 20 small farmers/market sellers to source their rejected produce and donated part of the production to provide vitamin C juice made from lime powder to 450 children from communities affected by poverty or typhoons.


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