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Builds platforms that open new opportunities and create economic sustainability for poor rural smallholder farmers and families by integrating them into a broader AgriFood system and connecting them to stakeholders who mutually benefit.

farmX solutions is a supply/demand matching platform that allows users to save time and earn more income. It offers farming needs along with inputs directly to farmers and service providers. These improve the connection of farmers with all of their stakeholders, while also benefitting the service providers mutually and helping farmers gain access to high-quality inputs, improve soil quality, co...
farmX solutions is a supply/demand matching platform that allows users to save time and earn more income. It offers farming needs along with inputs directly to farmers and service providers. These improve the connection of farmers with all of their stakeholders, while also benefitting the service providers mutually and helping farmers gain access to high-quality inputs, improve soil quality, conserve water and prepare for climate shocks. Farmers, input suppliers, and service providers sign-on, register, get verified and on-boarded on our platform using their mobile phones via farmX mobile Apps, Whatsapp, SMS and local dialect Interactive Voice Response. Akwa Ibom State Farmers Information Management System (AKFIMS) developed by El-kanis is a computerized database of Agricultural information, organized and programmed in a way that produces regular reports on operations for over 5 million farmers and other players of agricultural value chain in the state. It also uses farmer profile data to forecast and provide real-time information on a farmer’s supply capacity to Agribusinesses such as AgriFood Processing Companies. Farmtrust drone technology facilitate the production of higher yields with less land, water, and labour inputs. It identifies nutrient deficiencies, pest damage, fertilizer needs for farmers and analyzes plant nutrients, plant diseases, water quality, surface chemical composition, localization and alarming on specific outbreak of disease and pest.
STI Forum 2020

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Our product is rolled out, which is poised for further growth in multiple communities. More of our customers are seeing value in our product and are now paying a price that is sustainable for us and gives us a clear path towards financial sustainability.
Registered in Nigeria as For-Profitin Nigeria as For-Profit

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Economic Empowerment, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and 9 MoreSEE ALL

Agriculture, Economic Empowerment, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity, Economic Growth and Trade, Cultivation & Tools, Food Safety and Standards, Social & Micro Finance, Data Collection/Needs Assessments, Digital Development, Data/Analytics, GIS/Mapping and BlockchainSEE LESS

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80 million smallholder farmers/families in Nigeria are battling repercussions of weather, volatile commodity prices, food shortage and poor yield. As staple crop, cassava yield per hectare in Nigeria is 5 tons instead of 25 tons per hectare requirement. This is due to a lack of access to improved agricultural services, credit, insurance and input supply to 90% smallholder farmers population. As a result, this increases their risk and vulnerability, and puts pressure on food security for 200 million population.



Our platform improves farmers’ access to finance, high-quality inputs, fertilizer and access to markets. It also bolsters first mile businesses that supply inputs to smallholder farmers and support AgriFood processors to buy from smallholder farmers, delivering mutual benefits to both farmers and service providers. Our solution assists farmers to make confident decisions, including plant nutrient requirement, soil composition and also helps to determine yields and profitability of an expected investment.

Target Beneficiaries

5 million small/medium agribusinesses that need digital resources and services to help them compete. 50 million corporate/smallholder farmers and employees that require resources to guide them to success. 3,000 development agencies and government parastatals that seek verified data and resources to digitize food and agro sector ecosystem. 300 AgriFood processing and manufacturing companies that require locally sourced raw materials for production.

Mission and Vision

MISSION To develop accessible and affordable digital platforms for food value chain that will secure the future of food systems and enhance profitable and sustainable agricultural practices in Africa. VISION To accelerate regional agricultural transformation for food security leveraging technology and innovation.

Competitive Advantage

Farmers and Agro-stakeholders who use our solutions can determine the fertility status of the soil in real time, determine fertilizer requirements, and make more confident decisions. This includes determining expected yields and the profitability of an expected investment in crop, and monitor changes in fertility of their field over time. Our innovation increases farm productivity and accelerates adoption with flexible request tools that matches requestor to service provider based on location. It eliminates inefficiencies for users and streamlines operations with end-to-end integration of farm processes to control costs and improve profits. Our solution users increase their capacity and sell agricultural produce to consumers, guide farmers on increasing market value by effectively selecting the right produce specification. Users get notification and monitor performance, market pricing, and weather in real-time with user dashboards and SMS.

Planned Goals and Milestones

2020 (1st – 3rd Qtr) Raise $5 million. Upgrade Digital Services. Plan Expansion. Digital profiling of 5 million smallholder farmers. 2020 (4rd Qtr) 2021 (1st -2nd Qtr) Expand service to Tanzania and Rwanda. Integrate Blockchain on Platform for Product Traceability. Deploy precision farming technology for government agricultural assets, Target 5 million corporate/small holder farmers. 2021(3rd – 4th Qtr) Connect 50 AgriFood processing companies to local raw marterials from farmers.
Funding Goal5,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,500,000
New Implemented CountriesTanzania
Recruit5 Data analysts, 3 UI/UX professional, 2 Finance Admin, 2 GIS analysts, 1 Auditor, 1 Business Developer, 1 Product Manager
New FeatureIntegrating Blockchain Technology to platform

The Team Behind the Innovation

The founder has over 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship, a trained design thinker and agricultural systems solution Innovator. Chucks Nwokoma has 10 years of experience in UI/UX Interface design with broad knowledge in IoT and machine learning. Our female Executive Director, Fidel Akpaninyang holds a PhD in crop physiology with key business capabilities which play a critical role in the organization. Other areas of our executive team specialty covers product/program management.



Mar 2021
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El-kanis leases 500 hectare for backward integration and cultivation of orange fleshed sweet potato and Vitamin A orange Maize
Mar 2021
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 CAREED is a unique centre of excellence within Scotland which focuses on five key areas of interests reflecting the areas of research interests of academic namely: commodities and exporting; logistics and supply chain management; enterprise and entrepreneurship (including gender enterprise); governance and ethics; and microfinance and social business. The Centre intends to progress this conversation as the we expand and develop.
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ORGANIZATIONMinistry of Agriculture, Akwa Ibom State
Mar 2012
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