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ATEC* Biodigesters International

ATEC* produces, sells and distributes the first commercially scalable biodigester in SE Asia. 600 units have been sold, providing gas for cooking, 20 tons of organic fertilizer/year, and US$5,850 household savings over its lifetime.


Ben Jeffreys

Stage 5: Scaling

ATEC* closed a US$1million Series A investment round (70% equity, 30% grant) in August 2018 to scale out Cambodia nationally to 40 distributors and scope 4 Asia-Pacific new markets to expand to by 2030.

Focus Areas:

Livestock & Agriculture, Biomass/BioFuel, Climate Change and Resilienceand 1 MoreSEE ALL

Livestock & Agriculture, Biomass/BioFuel, Climate Change and Resilience and Clean CookingSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guineaand 3 MoreSEE ALL

Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Myanmar and ThailandSEE LESS

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-90% of daily energy needs in rural developing communities is for cooking

-Cooking with wood & biomass kills an estimated 3.5 million people per year, majority of these women
-bottled gas can cost an average Asian rural family $250-350 per year
-42% of Cambodia's farming land is classified as degraded due to chemical fertilizer over-use
-Worlwide we will run out of topsoil in 60 years with current farming practices



ATEC* Biodigesters is the world's first commercially scalable 'plug and play' biodigester, providing biogas for daily cooking needs as well as 20 tons of organic fertilizer per year. Designed to be installed in under 4 hours in any challenging environment (flooding, high groundwater, earthquake prone areas), ATEC has sold over 600 units and is the first biodigester that can service all BOP customers regardless of the landscape.

Target Beneficiaries

Rural households in South & Southeast Asian countries and the Pacific

Mission and Vision

Vision: A world with access to abundant energy & food
Mission: To scale to 5 countries and 1 million systems by 2030 to make a significant impact on the SDGs

Innovation Description

ATEC's unit takes livestock manure, kitchen and green waste and converts it into renewable biogas for cooking and organic fertilizer for farming. For a typical rural Asian family, the below benefits can be achieved per system:
9.5 million litres of renewable biogas
493 thousand kgs of organic fertilizer
75 tons of greenhouse gas reductions
6.5 tons of forest conserved
$7,200 million net income increase by families annually
A payback of 11 times the cost of the product to households
Freed up 24,638 hours of time
Removal of Kitchen Air Pollution

Competitive Advantage

ATEC's biodigester is the world's first that can be commercially scaled through cost effective rotor-molding in any country in the world. In addition, it's provisionally patented design is the first that is designed for and can withstand almost any challenging environment. It can also be installed 20 times faster than traditional biodigester designs.

Planned Goals and Milestones

ATEC is now scoping expansion to 5 countries by 2030 in line with the SDGs. ATEC is currently investing in scoping Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Fiji and Pakistan to determine the next best market (market size, existing finance/distribution partners, impact potential). Following this, ATEC will be seeking further investment to expand out to these countries from 2019 onwards.
Funding Goal1,400,000
New Implemented CountriesFiji, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan
RecruitWill require new teams of 50+ staff and 40+ distributors in each country
New FeatureCreating new larger-scale systems that will also be able to be used for generators, ag drying and refrigeration


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TITLEGlobal Winner of CTI PFAN (Vienna Energy Forum)
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