Updated May 15, 2019

A roof A skill and A market for Women

Providing a roof, A skill & A market to end Housing Poverty in Africa & take a slice of Africa’s Urban $155 Billion Housing market


Anne k Rweyora

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We have have launched the product in the market and tested the market with our solution.The number of inquires for our products far outweighg what we are able to put on market

Focus Areas:

Housing and Infrastructure, Finance and Economic Empowerment

Housing and Infrastructure, Finance and Economic EmpowermentSEE LESS

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Owning a home is nearly impossible for individuals&families working in the informal sector &making less than $3,000 ayear. High costs &low incomes shut these individuals out of the formal financial markets &limit their access to housing finance &land tenure, making it hard for them to buy or build a home.



Our innovations enables low income women to own a decent quality home without deepening their poverty

Target Beneficiaries

Smart Havens Africa targets those on the Bop who earn less than $8 per day, a segment served inadequately by both the public and private Sectors.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a sustainable affordable pathway to homeownership and better future for Women in Africa Our Vision is to end Housing Poverty in Africa

Innovation Description

In Uganda Smart Havens Africa aims to assist those that are disadvantaged by market failure by securing a pathway to home ownership recognizing that it is one of the ways by which the poor can escape from Housing Poverty. We primarily own and use appropriate earth Building technology to Produce Building Materials that are used in construction of our Homes. At the core of Smart Havens Africa is on-site production of a green material compressed interlocking Soil Stabilized earth blocks. Our homes are equipped with renewable energy including Rain water Harvesting systems and Bio-digestors to provide an environmentally sustainable Roof for people at the base of the pyramid. For every woman that we train, we task them to train other 10 women in the community, in so doing we are creating a network of skilled women whom we use in the building of our homes.We also provide opportunities for young women and Youth who want to take up a carrier in affordable housing sector by providing appropriate training and apprenticeship opportunities and triggering sustainable development in the community.

Competitive Advantage

Smart Havens Aafrica is the only Company providing a complete package,finance & Affordable construction to make ownership of a high quality,eco-friendly home affordable to women earning less than $8 per day.SHA homes are built-for-women-by-women

Planned Goals and Milestones

Over-the-next-5 years,Conservatively we estimate building 1,620 homes with a-potential impact of 8,100-lives impacted, 56,700 jobs created, $4.5Million,women’s income generated, 81,000 of Africa’s rare-Mature trees saved, 37,260 metric-tonnes of carbon-emission reduced, $32Million in-client-owned-assets > 15% return-on-investment
Funding Goal900,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted8,100
New Implemented CountriesUganda
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