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Offered by John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

A competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time.
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Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasAll Sectors
MacArthur is focused on big bet initiatives that strive for transformative change in areas of profound concern, such as climate change and criminal justice reform. But we do not know it all and recognize there are other significant issues worth solving.100&Changeis a way to encourage and support ideas from any field.

Other Requirements

Management TeamWhen it comes to feasibility, the kinds of questions we want peers and "wise head" reviewers to consider are: Does the team have the skills, capacity, relationships, and experience to deliver its proposal?
Potential for ScaleIf we were focused on solving a problem, we want the $100 million solution to have a sustained impact.
Evidence/Proof of Concept100&Change wants to know, will the solution work? Does the proposal present evidence that the solution or critical components of it have previously yielded practical and concrete results? This is not a competition to test a new idea or theory. Does the evidence suggest that the solution can be adapted to other contexts, such as expanding to new populations or geographies, or to reach a greater number of people over time, and still retain its effectiveness?REQUIRED

Application Directions

Submit your application proposal online

Application And Awards Process

Proposals Due: August 2019
Administrative and Peer-to-Peer Review: August - September 2019
Wise Head and Technical Review: September 2019 - February 2020
Bold Solutions Selected: February 2020
Finalists Selected: Spring 2020
Project Development: Spring - Summery 2020
Award Recipient Announced: Fall 2020

Past Funded Innovations Of 100&Change

APR 2021
Jah Universal EntertainmentJah Universal Entertainment
  • $500PENDING
    1. TITLEProduction
    2. TYPEGrant
    3. FOCUS AREASEntrepreneurship
    4. IMPLEMENTED INEntrepreneurship
    5. FUNDING100&Change
    6. ORGANIZATIONJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    FEB 2021
    Shule Direct OrganizationShule Direct Organization
  • $180,000PENDING
    1. TITLEOrganizational Capacity Development
    2. TYPEGrant
    3. FOCUS AREASSecondary Education
    4. IMPLEMENTED INSecondary Education
    5. FUNDING100&Change
    DEC 2017
    HarvestPlus (Biofortification)HarvestPlus (Biofortification)
  • $15,000,000PENDING
    1. TITLEScaling Up Fortification
    2. TYPEGrant
    3. FOCUS AREASAgriculture and Nutrition
    4. IMPLEMENTED INAgriculture and Nutrition
    5. FUNDING100&Change
    6. ORGANIZATIONJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
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